Wills and Trusts

At the Adams Law Firm, P.A., we provide personalized legal representation to

individuals and families throughout the State of Florida. We understand that

every client is unique and we have specialized packages to meet their individual

needs. ​        

​        Simple Will Package. Includes preparation and execution of a Last Will & Testament, Durable Power of

        Attorney,  Living Will, Health Care  Surrogate and Designation of Pre-need Guardian (if applicable). Also includes

        sealment in an archival folder for safe storage.​             


     Deluxe Will Package. Includes preparation and execution of all of the above documents and an

        electronic copy of all documents prepared. Additionally, copies of estate materials and an information letter is

        sent to named representatives, if requested. Also, the assigned attorney will review real property records and

        prepare documents to retitle those assets, if needed.          

        Premium Will Package. Includes the preparation of all the above documents plus a leather bound

       binder to hold all estate documents and related materials.  Allows complimentary revisions or amendments to

       documents if designations change or new property is acquired. Also includes a subscription to our bi-yearly

       newsletter regarding statutory changes in Florida and Federal law.

We also offer Trust Packages depending on the nature of the assets and type of trust an individual wishes to create. Please contact our office for more information.              

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